Blue Café (formerly Lucky Larry’s) 273 Valley Boulevard Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075

Lucky Larry’s has been replaced by Blue Cafe in Downtown Wood-Ridge, NJ. The food is still wonderful.

Blue Café (formerly Lucky Larry’s Luncheonette)

273 Valley Boulevard

Wood-Ridge, NJ  07075

(201) 438-1515

Open: Monday-Friday-6:30am-3:00pm/Saturday-7:00am-2:00pm/Sunday-9:00am-2:00pm

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My TripAdvisor review of Blue Café:

My TripAdvisor review of Lucky Larry’s:

My visits to Lucky Larry’s:

I have been to Lucky Larry’s Luncheonette, which is one town over from me, for both breakfast and lunch and I have to say that the food, service and atmosphere are very homey and down to earth. It is a real neighborhood spot, one of those places that the locals hang out to meet one another and catch up on town gossip.

Lucky Larry's VIII

The Lucky Larry’s logo

Blog under the old Lucky Larry’s:

It is more of a deli than a restaurant so there is limited seating but that does not stop the crowd of diners from eating and relaxing there. They will even bring your order to the table for you (See reviews on TripAdvisor).

Lucky Larry's V

The menu is really reasonable

The breakfast there are quite large so bring your appetite. One morning I had the Sausage, Egg and Cheese Sandwich with a side of potatoes ($3.95) and it was delicious. The fried eggs combined with a spicy pork sausage and a slice of American cheese on a soft grilled roll. I have also had the sandwich with bacon and they give you a generous portion of crisp bacon as well. The hash brown potatoes were grilled crisp on the side. The combination of flavors on the sandwich were perfect and required several bites.

Lucky Larry's VIIII

The scrambled eggs and bacon here are great

The second morning I was there I had the Cinnamon French Toast with a side of bacon ($5.95 and $2.95 respectively) and it had a rich taste of the cinnamon and heavy cream that it was cooked in. They give you a nice portion of three large slices of bread and it is perfectly cooked and not soggy. There was a nice portion of crisp bacon on the side.

Lucky Larry's III

The eggs and French Toast are delicious and the portion sizes are big

Lucky Larry’s is even busy during the lunch hour with orders being called in and a nice size crowd of diners. I had the six inch meatball sandwich parmigiana with a side of Cole slaw and a pickle. It was a nice size sandwich on a soft grilled bun with freshly made meatballs and a rich tomato sauce. The meatballs had a nice accent of garlic and Parmesan cheese. It was enough to share.

Meatball sandwich

If you are hungry you have to get their meatball sandwich

Blue Cafe Side

The Blue Cafe replaced Lucky Larry’s

The blog under Blue Café:

Blue Cafe

The mural inside Blue Cafe’s dining area

I recently went for lunch with my aunt under the new ownership and I had the Chicken Parmesan sandwich ($7.95).  The hero was a nicely sized and stuffed with at least three chicken breasts with a spicy tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella. It had a nice flavor but the only problem with the sandwich is that the chicken was over cooked and a little hard. The breasts were pounded a little too thin and they were hard when I bite into them. This could just be a off day or a new cook.

Chicken Parm Sandwich

The Chicken Parmesan here was good but not great

I finally had a chance to eat at Blue Café for breakfast recently and the experience was wonderful. I had a the “Brooklyn” breakfast sandwich which was composed of a large portion of freshly cut Pastrami with a fried egg topped with melted Swiss cheese on a hard roll ($6.95). God was it good! The spiciness of the pastrami mixed so well with the tang of the cheese. It was an interesting combination.

On a recent breakfast with my aunt, I tried the French Toast, which I highly recommend. You get two large slices of French Toast dipped in egg and a cinnamon sugar mixture that would indulge anyone for a rich savory breakfast. Instead of ordering sides with it, I ordered a Bacon, Egg and American Cheese on a plain bagel which was a nice combination of flavors. The bacon was well cooked and eggs were done with a light scramble. The sandwich was delicious.

Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich

The Bacon, Egg and Cheese here is delicious

On another trip to the restaurant for breakfast, I had their Pancake Special with two pancakes with two scrambled eggs ($5.99) and a side of sausage links ($3.25) and everything was delicious. The pancakes were soft, and a nice taste and the eggs were perfectly cooked.

Blue Cafe III

The Pancake Platter with scrambled eggs and sausage links

My aunt had a white egg omelet with tomatoes and bacon with a side of has browns ($8.95) and it came with a side of toast. It was a very large portion for one person so she shared some of that with me. The omelet was delicious and the mix of ingredients gave it a nice flavor.

Blue Cafe II

My aunt’s White Egg Omelet with Bacon and Tomatoes with Hashbrowns

The breakfasts at Blue Cafe are a feast of delicious food and nice sized portions that will last you through lunch.

Blue Cafe I

Our breakfast made better by Blue Cafe

My aunt and I made another trip to Blue Cafe for breakfast after the most recent one we had the day of the tour. What I really like about Blue Cafe is that the prices are very fair, and the portion sizes are huge. You get a very filling breakfast.

My aunt had the Scrambled egg platter that is two eggs, hashbrowns and toast ($5.95) and I got a Cheese and Bacon Omelet with a side of hashbrowns and wheat toast ($6.95). We could not believe the amount of food that arrived at the table.

Blue Cafe Breakfast

Our breakfasts on a recent morning were just delicious

Blue Cafe Bacon Omelet

The Cheese and Bacon Omelet with Hashbrowns and Wheat Toast was excellent

Blue Cafe Scrambled Eggs

My aunt got the Scrambled Egg platter with Hashbrowns and Wheat Toast

The new owners also put a lot of Mexican specialties on the menu as well with items like Mole Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Fajitas and Taco Callejeros.  For dessert, there are Churros with Strawberry Sauce.

If you are on budget and want a generous breakfast or lunch with friendly environment to dine in, Blue Café is welcoming change to the fast food restaurants. The service has always been friendly and welcoming. Its like dining with friends.

Blue Cafe Table Rules

The ‘table rules’ as stated at Blue Cafe are posted in the front of the restaurant

What I like about Blue Cafe is that it attracts a local crowd, so everyone knows everyone else when you walk in. For many people this is their ‘go-to’ place for breakfast every morning. People are really friendly here and the owners are always happy to see you.

Blue Café is open from 6:30am-3:00pm every day.

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